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Why MacLaurin Matters - February 2016

Faith at the U of M?

Yes! At MacLaurinCSF, we help students cultivate a vibrant faith, one that resonates not just privately but with their public lives—their studies, their friendships, and their eventual careers, too.

Come join us on Wednesday, February 4 for an hour-long introduction to our ministry, featuring:

  • Our executive director, Bryan Bademan
  • Several of the students who have been impacted by our ministry
  • A tour of our study center (a beautiful home just across the street from the U of M’s St. Paul campus)
  • Delicious dessert

We’d love to have you join us! To RSVP, email Matt at kaul [at] maclaurin [dot] org or just sign up below:


A few of our students

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