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design editor

MacLaurinCSF Students, an official University of Minnesota student group, is launching a print journal this spring and is hiring a Design Editor. The student design editor for the journal will have major responsibility and will gain significant experience.

You’ll have the opportunity to develop and shape the visual identity, and also do all layout and production design for the journal. You’ll be one of two paid journal editors, and you’ll play a major leadership role in meetings of the editorial board.

Our student-led journal is dedicated to the intersection of Christian faith and academic excellence at the University of Minnesota. Because the truth about God affects the whole of life, it ought to inform our academic work as students and the work we will do throughout our careers, whether we are businessmen or teachers, engineers or artists. Our mission as a journal, therefore, is to provide a public forum for thoughtful engagement between Christianity and the life of the university and to pursue the good, the true, and the beautiful in every field of study and vocation.

To bridge the gap between the church and the university, it’s not enough to present great content in our articles, essays, and reviews. We also need creative work and design that communicates the vision of work dedicated to the glory of God. The visual aesthetic of our journal must be part of its message, inviting readers into a conversation.

The Design Editor will receive an annual stipend of $750. Candidates should have experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and should be interested in mastering the print publication process—you’ll be taking this journal from a blank slate all the way to publication. This position offers the opportunity to gain experience in your field, to build your professional portfolio, and to shape the beginning of a journal we hope will continue at the U of M long after we graduate.

If this sounds exciting to you, please contact Kathryn Mogk at immediately—the editorial board is meeting soon to finalize our vision statement. You can also come by the MacLaurinCSF Study Center on Cleveland Avenue to learn more.