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Media from David Skeel: “True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World”

David Skeel, professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania, joined us in early November for two talks.

The first was about the Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby decision and its implications for legal understandings of religious liberty and corporate personhood.

The second was drawn from his new book True Paradox: How Christianity Makes Sense of Our Complex World. In True Paradox, Skeel draws from and is influenced by great Christian apologists like C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and others. His own approach to apologetics emphasizes how Christianity, far from failing to account for the increasing complexity of our modern world, actually offers the best understanding of that complexity. He’s particularly interested in our search for justice and our love of beauty, and he outlines reasons for believing that Christianity offers an incredibly compelling explanation of these common human experiences.

Skeel’s talk is available to download by clicking through to the Soundcloud page on the player below, or to watch via YouTube. Enjoy!

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