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Lectures – Spring 2015

Dan Sulmasy, David Miller, and Karen Swallow Prior

I’m excited to announce our spring semester visiting scholars.

Our Visiting Scholars Lecture series brings academics from a wide range of disciplines to campus for talks and forums that we believe will interest Christian students and faculty, as well as the wider Twin Cities community. All our events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. Stay tuned for more lectures—we’ll announce the second half of our spring lineup soon!


  • January 23, noon: Dan Sulmasy (University of Chicago) on spirituality and medicine


  • February 26, 7 pm: Karen Swallow Prior (Liberty) on reading widely and living wisely


  • March 10, 8:45 am – 1:00 pm: Katherine Leary Alsdorf (Redeemer Presbyterian, NYC), Pastors’ Seminar: Toward the Integration of Faith & Work
  • March 12, 4 pm: William Cavanaugh (DePaul), “What Do I Want? Augustine and Milton Friedman on Freedom of Choice”
  • March 26, noon: Gloria Halverson (Christian Medical & Dental Association), “Human Trafficking and Medicine”
  • March 30, 4 pm: David Deavel (St. Thomas), “The Tao of Jack: C.S. Lewis on the Foundation of Freedom”


  • April 1: David Miller (Princeton), “Faith and Work: Opposing Forces or Complementary Resources?”
  • April 18: John Walton (Wheaton) & Keith B. Miller (Kansas State), Conference on Science & Faith, Constance Evangelical Free Church
  • April 23, 7 pm: William Hurlbut, Second Annual Anderson Lecture in Science & Religion, “Freedom, Biotechnology, and the Human Future”

Please join us, and invite your friends. We’re looking forward to the conversations.


  1. Teri Hyrkas

    3 years ago  

    Looks like a wonderful group of speakers. So happy to see that Dr. Karen Swallow Prior is among them! Planning to be there with many friends.

    1. Matthew Kaul

      3 years ago  

      Thanks Teri! We’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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