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healthcare as a Christian vocation

Healthcare as a Christian Vocation: Announcing our new series of healthcare-focused retreats

We are excited to announce a new opportunity for Christian students preparing for healthcare professions.

Through a collaboration among the Catholic Medical Association, the Christian Medical and Dental Association, the Coptic Medical Association of North America, and MacLaurinCSF, we are offering a series of retreats designed to encourage Christian formation of grad/professional students in healthcare fields.

Students training in healthcare fields at public universities like the University of Minnesota receive first-rate educations in their specialties. But given the secular nature of public higher education, Christian students receive little or no support for understanding how their faith affects their work in healthcare.

To remedy this, we’re launching a rotating series of four overnight retreats—one offered each semester—so that students in medical, dental, pharmacy, and related programs can gain a Christian vision for their healthcare professions.

The first of these retreats will focus on the topic “Healthcare as a Christian Vocation.” Together we’ll seek to understand why our work in healthcare is not just a career, but a Christian calling—a vocation. We’ll cover the general theological concept of vocation and explore deeply and practically what vocation entails in the healthcare fields. The retreat will feature sessions and discussions led by local practicing physicians on topics such as:

  • the theology of vocation
  • the idols of the healthcare professions
  • healthcare as mission

The retreat will take place November 20-21 at a retreat center in Montgomery, MN. Registration costs $25, and includes four meals and lodging, as well as a copy of Timothy Keller’s book Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work.

We will distribute a few short readings to all participants in advance, encouraging them to read and discuss these selections beforehand, so that we can all gain the most out of our time together on the retreat.

What to expect on the retreat:

  • learning together about vocation through presentations and small group discussions
  • conversation and fellowship with other students and practitioners in a variety of healthcare fields
  • time for quiet reflection on the kingdom significance of your work
  • prayer and worship together

To register for this retreat, please complete this Google form and pay online through MacLaurinCSF (select “Healthcare Retreat”). Retreat registration is now closed. If you have questions or would still like to register, email Andrew Hansen, Program Director at MacLaurinCSF.


  1. dr. joel wiggins

    2 years ago  

    I will be unable to attend the first retreat, but I am extremely interested in the articles you may distribute–especially as regards vocation and calling. Any way you could send them to me directly?

    1. Matthew Kaul

      2 years ago  

      Yes, we can definitely share the readings for the retreat. I’ll send them over when we have finalized them.

  2. Amelia

    2 years ago  

    I don’t see any place to actually register for these retreats. They look fantastic. Could you send me a link to register. Thanks!

    1. Matthew Kaul

      2 years ago  

      Are the links in the second to last paragraph of the post not working?

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