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Christian Faculty Network


The Christian Faculty Network is an interdenominational, interdisciplinary group of U of M faculty whose faith guides not only their personal lives, but their academic pursuits as well. The network is administered by MacLaurinCSF, a center for Christian study here on campus.
The Christian Faculty Network hosts monthly lunches for conversation and fellowship at multiple locations around campus (Stadium Village, Dinkytown, St. Paul, and West Bank). With MacLaurinCSF, CFN also sponsors events with visiting scholars, including a University Roundtable each semester. The University Roundtable is a dinner open to faculty from all disciplines and faith traditions at which we discuss the relationship between life’s big question and the academic work of the university.
If you’d like to know more about the Christian Faculty Network, MacLaurinCSF, or the University Roundtable, please contact Andrew Hansen, program director at MacLaurinCSF, or Chris Macosko, professor of chemical engineering and materials science.

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