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september, 2014

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2sep5:00 pm- 7:00 pmFall Kick-off: BBQ & Open House
9sep5:00 pm- 7:00 pmFall Kick-off: Dinner & Game Night
10sep7:00 pm- 8:30 pmReading Group: James K.A. Smith, *How (Not) to be Secular*
10sep8:30 pm- 10:00 pm*First Things* Readers' Group
15sep7:30 pm- 9:00 pmReading Group: Thomas Piketty, *Capital in the Twenty-First Century*
16sep5:00 pm- 7:00 pmFall Kick-off: Pizza & Pixar
23sep4:00 pm- 6:00 pmFall Kick-off: The Lumen Program Begins!
25sep6:30 pm- 8:00 pmReading Group: John Haught, *Science and Faith: A New Introduction*
25sep6:30 pm- 8:00 pmReading Group: Dorothy Sayers, *The Man Born to be King*
26sep2:00 pm- 3:00 pmUndergrad Student Reading Group: C.S. Lewis, *God in the Dock*
30sep7:00 pm- 8:30 pmReading Group: Richard Adams, *Watership Down: A Novel*