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Faith and Law: David Skeel, “The Bi-Partisan Benefits of Hobby Lobby

David Skeel, The Bi-Partisan Benefits of *Hobby Lobby*Friday, 11/7, noon

Mondale Hall (UMN Law School) – room 50

The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is widely seen by conservatives as a great victory, and by liberals as a travesty. Without rejecting the conventional wisdom altogether, Professor Skeel will explore the possibility that the reasoning employed by the majority opinion in Hobby Lobby may pack some surprises for the future. Even as it expands the scope of religious freedom, the Court’s decision invites a rethinking of its corporate finance jurisprudence (exemplified in the Citizens United case) and a more nuanced approach to corporate personhood.

The lecture has been approved for one CLE credit and free lunch will be provided.