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Drew Trotter on Film

Drew Trotter, “The Movies and America”

Monday, September 14, 7 p.m.

MacLaurinCSF Study Center (1337 Cleveland Ave N, St. Paul)

Why do we enjoy talking about good films so much?

Sure, we love good stories, engaging characters, a trip to an exotic land or an experience that stretches us as people.

But movies also *reflect* and *shape* our culture, showing us what our concerns and priorities are (or what Hollywood thinks they should be) and forming us to think about those concerns and priorities in certain ways.

In this popular lecture, Dr. Trotter makes a case for the Oscar nominees for best picture as both a barometer of, and an influence on, current American moral and intellectual life. He’ll look at common themes expressed in these and other films of the year and relates their ideas to societal norms and questions present in America today.

Come ready to think about and discuss this year’s nominees—whether or not you’ve had the chance to see any of them!