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MacLaurinCSF is a Christian study center serving the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota that has historic roots in two University of Minnesota campus ministries: Christian Student Fellowship (founded 1974) and the MacLaurin Institute (founded 1982). MacLaurinCSF’s mission is to strengthen Christian thinking at the University of Minnesota by bridging the church and university communities.

MacLaurinCSF carries out its strategic mission by nurturing a community of students, professors, pastors, and vocational leaders that is centered on two core questions:

  • Is a Christian account of the world true, good, and beautiful?
  • How do we pursue this truth, goodness, and beauty in every field of study and vocation?

Our passion is for people at the University of Minnesota to see the astonishing intellectual, moral, and aesthetic coherence of Christianity and to appreciate its implications for knowledge and work of every kind. Since Jesus Christ reigns over all creation, every aspect of life needs to be understood in his light and properly ordered to his call. Christians in the university have a brilliant opportunity—indeed, an urgent calling—to declare that all truth, goodness, and beauty derive from and ultimately point toward God.

MacLaurinCSF is a member of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers and maintains a vital partnership with more than thirty-five congregations in the state of Minnesota. While our ministry is grounded in the Scriptures, and in the Christian tradition as summarized by the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds, our conversations are open to all.



Our study center is open Monday – Friday, 9 – 5. We have quiet places to study and a lending library that’s open to students and anyone else from the community. Students, stop by to study anytime, or join us for coffee hour every Friday at 2:30. It’s easy to get here from the Minneapolis campus by using the Campus Connector:

MacLaurinCSF - St Paul campus map


Our Staff

Bryan Bademan

Executive Director

Cheri Burkum

Study Center Manager

Andrew Hansen

Program Director

Matthew Kaul

Communications Director

Danica Wytcherley

Information Manager


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We love guests. Park behind the study center—access our parking lot by entering the alley from Carter Avenue.


1337 Cleveland Ave N
St Paul MN 55108

Hours: 9-4, M-F

Phone: 612.378.1935