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Bringing a Language Back from the Dead: The New Davenant Language Institute

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Editor’s Note: Our friends at the Davenant Trust have recently launched an excited new program for students who are interested in learning Latin. Read on for more on this fascinating program—it’s an online program, so it’s available to anyone, and the instructors are excellent.

  • If you’re studying Reformation or early modern theology, and want to read beyond the handful of texts currently available in English . . .
  • If you’re about to undertake graduate studies requiring you to read and translate scholastic theology . . .
  • If you want to really understand the literary world of the Reformers, including their marginalia, abbreviations, and even handwriting . . .

Enroll in our Advanced Early Modern Latin Reading Course!

  • If you don’t know the first thing about Latin but want to get started . . .
  • If you’re trying to pass a Latin competency exam for your seminary or grad school . . .
  • If you’d like to enroll in our Advanced course but are pretty rusty . . .

Enroll in our Introductory Latin Course (Summer Intensive or Year-long version)!

Using state-of-the-art online teaching technology and employing experienced Latin teachers and Reformation scholars, the Davenant Latin Institute is the best option for graduate-level Latin education.

The Davenant Latin Institute offers students of theology an excellent programme of introductory and advanced-level instruction in the Latin tongue. With a view to optimum utility, this programme is systematically constructed to provide students of the Reformation and early-modern philosophy and history with an indispensable scholarly proficiency.

~ W. J. Torrance Kirby, Prof. of Ecclesiastical History and Director of the Centre for Research on Religion, McGill University

Tuition is just $1,000 for the Summer Intensive (Jun. 22–Aug. 14) and $750 per semester for the Introductory and Advanced courses(Aug. 24–May 13).

To enroll (deadlines: June 5 for the Summer Intensive; July 24 for the year-long courses) or for more details, check out our website.

Sponsored by the Davenant Trust, in partnership with the Greystone Institute.

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